Industrial park DMC Kolín

DMC Kolín is refurbished former Frigera and subsequently Ingersoll Rand factory where refrigerators and air-conditioning units and their accessories were manufactured. It is located near the main railway station and centre of Kolín and it also has its own rail siding.

We managed to clean up the area and in 2022 have invested into transformer station and new electrical and gas distribution pipes. Currently the park accomodates mainly light manufacture companies and related logistics providers.

At the moment there is a 6 200sqm A-class property available within the park which has been built in accordance with dmc construct 4.0 standard and approx. 3 300sqm of B-class space.

Main tenants

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6,200 m²
24,500 m²
Built up area
6,200 m²
25,700 m²
Total area


Zengrova 110
280 02 Kolín
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