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Demaco began to operate its own local distribution network

As of May 1st 2024 Demaco extend its activities in terms of operating an own local distribution network. Thanks to the gained license for operating local distribution network we became a distributor of electricity and natural gas at our DMC ValMez.

Our local distribution network brings into the park many special advantages which is f.e. 110kV connection through our own 22kV substation. With a 6MW electrical input power with a possibility of multiple increase we´re ready to provide a sufficient capacity for our current  as well as future needs. Apart from that we have at our disposal a high-pressure and mid-pressure gas connection.

During the coming weeks we´ll invest into up-grade of the management system and service which guarantee an effective measuring, remote access and safety operation. On top of that we´re already connected with photovoltaic power plants and plan to extend their capacity to 4MW within the coming years.

All of this complete the premium infrastructure of the park including water connection, sewerage and two independent optical lines.

It is our target to be not only a reliable developer but also energies supplier for all our clients.