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In July 2022, DEMACO became the owner of an industrial area with a size of approx. 13 ha belonging to the production company SCHOTT, which has leased more than 38,000 m2 here for a long time. The project also includes the construction of an industrial hall with a size of approx. 11,150 m2, which will enable the SCHOTT company to consolidate its premises and make operations more efficient.

Every year, the SCHOTT company organizes the so-called SCHOTT Day on the company premises for its employees and their family members. This year, the event was held on Friday, September 2, and visitors were not only welcomed by the company’s CEO, Mgr. Jerzy Marcin Macko, MBA, but also Mr. Jaroslav Kaizr, PhD MRICS, partner in the company that newly owns the area. During their speeches, both presented the new development in the area and the benefits that the new partnership will bring.

After that, the accompanying program and entertainment continued for more than 1,350 visitors, which were provided by the music group AF Band, magician Ondřej Sládek and finally the band The Syrup Kabát Revival. Face painting, falconry, multitower, medal decoration or sand play were prepared for smaller children. For older children and adults, there was a photo corner, virtual simulators, a segway, a car overturning simulator during a traffic accident or a wipe-out sweeper. One of the highlights of the event was a rich raffle.