Urban logistics park DMC Ostrava

In 2020, we obtained a valid building permit in this park for the construction of facility D with size of 3,100m2 of built-up area. The construction will be based on the technical standard dmc construct 4.0 with a modified clear height of 6 m and a modified span of columns. We will adapt the internal layout as well as the external design to the needs of the user. The layout and location of facility D is ideal for urban logistics and e-commerce operations.

A legally enforceable planning permit has been issued for the other halls in this city park. We plan to start the construction of hall D and the construction of infrastructure in 2021, other buildings focused more on the representation of companies with a higher proportion of office content could be delivered in 2022.

As in our other parks, in DMC Ostrava we offer construction into leasehold or into freehold.

5,200 m²
0 m²
Built up area
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5,200 m²
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Park layout

List of Buildings

Available Building Layout
450 m² DMC A Upon request
450 m² DMC B Upon request
250 m² DMC C Upon request
3,100 m² DMC D Upon request
950 m² DMC E Upon request